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Different warehouse tents

Are you worried about not being able to store a large number of goods? Are you worried about expensive warehouse rent? Now you don’t need to worry about these things. Our company has launched a variety of warehouse tents. Thus, you can choose the right tent according to your purpose and application scenario.

A-shape tent

The size of the A-shape tent ranges from 3m to 60m, and there is no limit to the length. The length can be arbitrarily times 3m or 5m modular. There are no poles in the tent. Therefore, it enables you to maximize the use of internal space. Type A tent adopts a sturdy aluminum alloy frame, which is easy to build and disassemble, convenient for storage and transportation. Type A tent is the most traditional type of industrial and commercial open-span tent.

The A-shaped tent is the perfect solution for large-scale crowd events, such as weddings, parties, company events, trade shows, fashion shows, summer dance parties, and many other events that require more space and fewer obstacles. In addition, its well-designed structure ensures that there are not many poles inside the tent, but on the outside of the tent.

Curved Tent

Curved Tent is our latest outdoor warehouse tent. The Curved Tent has a special ‘heart’ shape appearance with curved roof beams. The creative appearance makes the tent more eye-catching. Moreover, the Curved Tent is more durable and stronger due to the interior reinforcement components. The mainframe structure of it is reinforced aluminum alloy 6061 and the roof cover is double PVC coated polyester textile. It is easy to install, dismantle and move. The Curved Tent can be installed quickly on almost all surfaces, such as grassland, earth land, asphalt ground, and cement ground.

The Curved Tent is often used in the outdoor warehouse, especially in cold areas because of its excellent snow and wind load. Arcum Tent is an upgraded form of A-shape Tent. We press the aluminum roof beams to make the curve shape. Therefore, Arcum Tent maintains lots of advantages of the A-shape Tent as well as having a good-looking structure and larger space.

Why SEC Tents is a Reliable Partner?

1.    Tents with a distinct design aesthetic are available, and they’re sure to add some panache to your outdoor adventures. You can use the tents for glamping with your family, friends or even hire them out for an additional fee.

2.    Depending on your space needs, various setup options, and bespoke tent sizes are available. Timber and iron frame options are also available for customization.

3.    Tent style-You can choose from a variety of tents, such as the Safari Tent and the A-shape tent. Different types of tents are available for a variety of purposes.

After-sales services are provided by knowledgeable sales professionals who can answer any questions clients may have.

Why can you trust SEC TENT?

1.    Long-term installations are no problem for SEC tents.

2.    Have a high level of wind and storm resistance and can be installed on any surface

3.    Excellent material selection and a well-established quality control system

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