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SEC tents is a manufacturing enterprise focusing on the R&D, production, and sales of PVC tents, frame tents, dome tents, square pagoda tents, multi-sided and high peak tents & their combinations, wedding tents, sports tents, and customize tents , dome tent supplier. Besides, we guarantee quality but reduce cost by 15 years of experience. In order to improve efficiency, we will prepare raw materials for the next quarter in advance. Additionally, all tents are 100% inspected before exporting and 100% after-sales service following. Therefore, SEC is a trustworthy dome tent manufacturer and looks forward to cooperating with partners all over the world.

Design Personality

SEC provides customization services for consumers to design their personal tents. For example, various kinds of PVC membranes and interior colors, doors, windows, and other accessories are available to select.

Worldwide Delivery

SEC Tents. A dome tent factory can be delivered worldwide by our logistics partners. Lead times vary depending on accessories choice and dome quantity. Generally, we ship out most orders within 7-20 days.

Exclusive Patent

SEC persists in researching and developing creative products for more than 10 years. Thus, we’ve got some exclusive patents on our excellent products. Keeping creative and persistent is our working motivation.

Why Choose SEC?

A professional dome tent exporters,To meet different requirements of diversified applications, SEC provides customization services.  You can communicate your needs with us and then we can offer you a professional suitable plan.

dome frame

Customized Services

To meet different requirements of diversified applications, SEC provides customization services.  You can communicate your needs with us and then we can offer you a professional suitable plan.

Ontime Delivery

To guarantee consumers receive products punctually, SEC continually updates the manufacturing plan and shipping arrangement. Also, we will keep you informed of the whole progress.

High-Quality Raw Materials

The spherical grid adopts a triangular grid. And the main rod adopts the self-developed high-strength galvanized steel pipe. Thus, the dome is pretty safe and stable.

dome customization

Easy Installation

SEC provides easy splicing products without professional tools to install. Consumers can watch our installation videos and follow up step by step. If you are confused about some process, don’t worry, we provide online installation instructions for you!

shipping package

Our Market

As a geodesic dome manufacturer, We are committed to bringing you the highest quality Safe, Excellent, Convenient products with our creative and innovative design.

Years Of Experienece
dome tent supplier

Optional Accessories

Except for the dome size and PVC cover, customers can select different inner accessories according to their preferences. Our design department would offer the most suitable solutions depending on your needs. Contact glamping tent supplier,Now, start with a personalized quote to design your own tent.

Customized Exclusive Dome

Available Sizes

For different uses, Glamping tent factory SEC offers various sizes of Geo Dome Tent for consumers to select. Different activities utilize the different sizes of tents. For example, the 10m dome tent is suitable for intimate events, and the 30m tent is usually applied in large exhibitions.

customize geodesic dome
Diameter (m)Steel Pipe Size (mm)Top Height (m)Total Sqm (㎡)

Optional Dome Accessories

dome tent supplier

Round glass window

dome tent supplier

Round PVC mesh window

glamping tent manufacturer

Solar fan

glamping tent manufacturer


Automatic sunroof

Single-open glass door

glamping tent manufacturer

PVC zipper door

glamping tent manufacturer

Triangular glass window

glamping tent manufacturer


dome tent supplier

Double-open glass  door

dome tent supplier


dome tent manufacturer

Triangular PVC mesh window

Material Display/Process Details

dome tent factory

UV coated galvanized steel pipe

dome tent factory

PVC fabric

glamping tent factory

Cotton insulation

geodesic dome manufacturer

Screw cap

dome tent exporters


dome tent manufacturer

Processed: Rolled

dome tent factory

Galvanized steel pipe

glamping tent factory

Aluminum foil layer

dome tent exporters

J hook

dome tent exporters

Curtain rod

Packing Method

Installation Process

Case Show

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Client Feedback

After receiving the goods, many customers expressed their gratitude to us, thinking that our products have given them a lot of help.

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