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A-Shape Tent

A-shape tent (also known as A-Frame tent) is our standard and most popular product. A-shape tent is the most conventional type of industrial and commercial clear span tent as per the client demand quota.
These A-shape tents use a strong aluminum alloy frame and are easy to set up and dismantle as well as convenient to stock and transport. All our tents are well manufactured by our qualified manufacturing department.

A-shape tent is the perfect solution for a big crowd event such as weddings, parties, corporate events, trade shows, fashion shows, summer balls, and many other events that require more space and less obstruction. In addition, its well-designed structure ensures that there aren’t many poles on the interior but rather on the exterior of the tent.
The span width of our A-shape tents is from 3m to 60m (5M, 10M, 15M, 20M, 25M 30M, 35M, 40M, 45M, 50M, 60M) and the length has no limitation. Length can be any times of 3m, 5m modular. There is no pole inside the tent. Thus, it enables you to make maximum use of the space inside. Most popular sizes are 6x12m, 9x15m, 10x20m, 12x30m, 15x40m, 20x30m, 20x50m, 25x60m, 30x60m, 30x100m, 40x100m, 50x100m etc.

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  • A-Shape Tent

    Wedding celebration & Parties tents

    A-shape wedding/party tents can provide a unique celebration venue that has flexibility and assembly/removal easily. The style of wedding/party tents could be dictated by the outdoor venue that you have selected for your wedding/party. The number of guests, type of meal (buffets or served), dance floor, D.J. or the band, and head table size will all need to be taken into consideration as well. The surface that the tent will be installed on also can be selected, such as transparent roof, glass window/door, different color roof, and so on. The luxury marquees/tents should be you and your guests’ dreamy venue.

  • A-Shape Tent

    Warehouse tents

    We provide customized-size warehouse tents, which could resolve your storage costing. The A-frame structured and aluminum material warehouse tents could be waterproof and windproof for any goods. Easily assembly and removable is the advantage for the storage.


  • A-Shape Tent

    Gymnasium and Sports Event Tent

    • Specification and Size: can be customized according to customer needs
    • Product Material: aluminum alloy T6-6061, steel, PVC tarpaulin
    • Functional Characteristics: economical and flexible, convenient to set up and disassemble, a safe and stable, large area of space
    • Application Areas: outdoor activities, large-scale exhibitions, sports events, industrial facilities, commercial promotion, industrial warehousing, celebrations, logistics distribution, tourism and leisure, military applications, disaster relief, and other temporary activities
    • Optional Supporting Facilities: transparent PVC windows, ABS hard-sided walls, floor systems, etc.
    • Tarpaulin Waterproof Index: greater than 3000MM
    • Tarpaulin Fire Rating: B1 level (equivalent to M2 of the international standard)
    • Tarpaulin Heat Resistance: -20℃ to 70℃
    • Tent Span: 3m-50mFeatures: windproof, waterproof and UV-proof
  • A-Shape Tent

    Commercial events & Trade shows tents

    The commercial and the trade show tents could be designed as large A-frame structured (10-60m span) tents. We provide a different size for the customers’ needs. The tents/marquees could be suitable for any commercial occasions, such as big event shows, trade shows, car shows, new product or brand launch and so on. The tents can welcome lots of people to come, and assembly/remove easily.

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