Tent Supplier- How To Choose The Right Tent For Your Next Event: A blog around different types of tents. - SEC Tents

Tent Supplier- How To Choose The Right Tent For Your Next Event: A blog around different types of tents.

A tent is a safe haven such as sheets of cloth or different fabric draped over, connected to a body of poles or connected to a helping rope. While smaller tents can be free-status or connected to the floor, huge tents are commonly anchored in the use of man ropes tied to stakes or tent pegs. First used as transportable houses through nomadic peoples, tents at the moment are greater frequently used for leisure tenting and brief shelters.

Tents variety in length from “bivouac” structures, simply large sufficient for one man or woman to sleep in, as much as massive circus tents able to seating lots of human beings. The bulk of this newsletter is worried with tents used for leisure tenting that have a sound asleep area for one to 10 human beings.

Larger tents are mentioned in a separate segment below. Tents for leisure tenting fall into categories. Tents meant to be carried through backpackers are the smallest and lightest kind. Small tents can be sufficiently mild that they may be carried for lengthy distances on a traveling bicycle, a boat, or while backpacking. The 2d kind are large, heavier tents which can be commonly carried in a vehicle or different vehicle.

Depending on tent length and the revel in of the man or woman or human beings involved, such tents can commonly be assembled in among five and 25 minutes; disassembly takes a comparable period of time. Some very specialized tents have spring-loaded poles and may be ‘pitched’ in seconds, however take fairly longer to strike.

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Choose the right one for your wedding event

If you’re making plans to host an out-of-doors occasion, you’ll discover that many occasion apartment organizations provide a lot of tent styles. It is useful to recognize the terminology used to explain the numerous tent types, and which kind is the satisfactory in your precise occasion. In wide terms, there are simple sorts of occasion tents; people who have middle poles (pole tents), and people that do not, (body tense).

Pole tent

have a Pole Tents of middle poles, in addition to poles across the perimeter; those tents are supported through the middle and facet poles, in addition to web-men which can be connected to the pinnacle of every facet pole, and to stakes which can be pushed into the floor across the perimeter of the tent. Pole tents commonly require greater area than body few ranges, because of the truth that the stakes that assist preserve them up should be positioned similarly tense from the fringe of the tent than the staking distance body far far commonly need. Pole tents are typically to be had in simple types, as follows:

Lightweight Party Canopies, additionally referred to as Party Canopies / All Purpose Canopies / Self-set tense 

These are a light-weight vinyl protecting designed to offer and safety from a mild rain. They should be hooked up in a place wherein stakes may be pushed into the floor on all 4 sides. In maximum cases, those are rented for set up through the consumer for small outside gatherings. They come whole with poles, stakes, ropes, and set up instructions. Common sizes are 15’x15tense and 20’x20color, which may be hooked up through human beings in half-hour or much less. Some birthday celebration canopies are geared up with sidewall ropes to permit for the addition of sidewalls.

Advantages of birthday celebration canopies:

  • Their especially low price, and simplicity of set up.

Disadvantages of birthday celebration canopies:

  • Their incapability to deal with sturdy winds, or heavy rain, and their especially small sizes. 
  • Heavy-responsibility Pole Tents, additionally referred to as Party Tents / Tension Tents, and numerous alternate names, These are very heavy-responsibility vinyl tents that should be professionally hooked up on web sites wherein staking is viable across the whole perimeter of the tent.
  • Installations are commonly performed on garden areas, or on asphalt parking lots. The maximum not unusual place sizes to be had for apartment are 40’ huge and 60’ huge; smaller & large widths also are to be had. The period of the tent varies primarily based totally on the scale and amount of tent sections which can be laced collectively to attain the quantity of area wanted for the occasion. Many of the pole tents being synthetic nowadays are engineered “anxiety tents” which can be engineered and authorized to face up to large wind loads.

Advantages of heavy responsibility pole tents:

  • The huge variety of sizes to be had, in addition to their capacity to face up to maximum damaging climate conditions.
  • Pole tense typically price much less than body tense of a similar length.

Disadvantages of heavy responsibility pole tents:

  • The truth that they do have a few ranges of middle poles with inside the indoors, which should be taken into consideration while setting furniture.
  • Pole tents require greater area to put in that body tense of the equal length.
  • Many capacity tent web sites don’t permit for using tent stakes into the floor; pole tents should be staked.

Frame Tents

  • The time period “body tent” is usually used to explain an extensive style of tents which are supported through a metallic body (normally aluminum), and feature NO indoors poles.
  • Frame tents can be as small and as easy as an 8’x8’ “pop-up” canopy, and as massive as 50’ extensive and truly any period.
  • Most body tense characteristic a vinyl tent pinnacle that is secured to a metallic body.
  • High-peaked body tents have a middle pole that sits on a pinnacle of “X” cables, which are hooked up from the pinnacle of 1 nook pole to the pinnacle of the alternative nook pole.
  • They do now no longer have any framework with inside the ceiling of the tent, as maximum body tense do.
  • Most fashionable body tense have frames which are made from spherical aluminum tubing.
  • Track fashion body tense characteristic extruded aluminum frames that permit the vinyl tent tops and sidewalls to be hooked up through sliding every pinnacle or wall segment via tracks with inside the body, just like a clean-span shape.
  • Marquees / Walkway canopies, are small body-fashion tents which are normally used to create a blanketed walkway to attach one tent to another, or to create a front to a bigger tent.
  • Marquees normally have flat (gable ends), not like maximum body tense, that have sloping (hip) ends. 
  • Marquees can be hooked up for my part to be used as a bar tent, buffet tent, valet tent, registration tent, etc… In maximum cases, body tense want to be hooked up through expert tent installers.
  • Frame tents may be custom-constructed to deal with many particular sites.

Advantages of body tense over pole tents:

  • Frame tents are available an extensive style of sizes from 6’ extensive to 50’ extensive.
  • Frame tents are very versatile, and may be used in lots of locations wherein a pole tent couldn’t be used, along with patios and decks which are up in opposition to a constructing or a house.
  • Frame tents may be hooked up in opposition to every different, with a rain gutter among them. 
  • Frame tents do NOT have any indoors poles; the indoors area is unobstructed. 
  • Frame tents are regularly peak adjustable. 
  • Frame tents offer numerous possibilities for striking matters along with lighting, decor, etc., problem to weight limitations. 
  • Frame tents will rise up through themselves, however, they do want to be anchored through staking, or through ballasting to save you them from being moved beneath windy situations.
  • Unlike pole tents, which need to be anchored through tent stakes, body tense can be anchored with a few kinds of ballasting / weights, while staking isn’t viable or now no longer permitted.
  • Frame tents are to be had with clean vinyl tops, similarly to white tops.

Disadvantages of body tents:

  • Frame tents are usually greater steeply-priced to purchase, and to rent, in comparison to pole tents, typically due to the value of the body, and sometimes, unique device this is wished to finish the installation.
  • Clear Span Structures (additionally called Clear-spans, or shape tents, or systems) These are very heavy-responsibility body-fashion tents that characteristic extruded aluminum container beam creation with heavyweight vinyl roof panels and sidewalls.
  • Clear spans are to be had in an extensive style of widths from pretty small to very massive.
  • Clear spans sizes are usually metric (10 meters, 20 meters, 25 meters, etc. in width) through anything period is wished, usually in five meter increments.
  • Side pole heights are usually taller than maximum body tents or pole tents; normally, 11’ or taller.
  • Clear spans need to be anchored through riding tent stakes via the baseplates at the lowest of every facet pole / upright, or through ballasting.
  • Clear spans will resist extreme climate situations, and are appropriate for long-time period installations.
  • Vinyl roof panels and sidewalls are hooked up through sliding them via tracks with inside the extruded aluminum framework after the framework has been absolutely erected.
  • Some clean spans are to be had with double or triple decks; those are regularly used for carrying events, along with golfing tournaments.
  • Structures may be geared up with flooring, carpeting, lighting, warmth, aircon, doors, and so on.
  • Advantages of clean span systems:
  • Clear spans are very versatile.
  • Clear spans are very heavy responsibility and are appropriate for long-time period installations.

Disadvantages of clean span systems:

  • Clear spans are steeply-priced to purchase, and to rent.


Most tents are designed to deal with sidewalls. Party canopies, heavy-responsibility pole tents, and maximum body fashion tents are prepared with sidewall ropes across the perimeter, at the inside; the sidewalls have clips alongside the pinnacle facet which are used to hold the sidewalls at the sidewall rope. Sometimes, while windy situations are expected, the sidewalls may be anchored on the lowest through the usage of wall stakes, or through different strategies while staking isn’t viable. Track fashion body tents, and clean span systems use sidewalls which are designed to slip via tracks with inside the body, which makes them a good deal greater stable, and much less in all likelihood to flap in windy situations. Some tents actually have sidewalls structures that use metallic rods via a “pocket” constructed into the lowest of the sidewall to stable them alongside the lowest. This is specifically beneficial while the tent wishes to be sealed for heating or aircon. A gain of the music fashion sidewall gadget is that every sidewall is normally made in sections that lace collectively with inside the center; those may be unlaced, which lets in the partitions to be opened through sliding one segment to the proper and one to the left, up in opposition to the facet pole wherein it may be secured with a strap. This lets in the partitions to without problems be opened, and closed as wished while not having to take away them from the tent. Sidewalls are normally to be had in 3 styles, that are strong white vinyl, clean vinyl, or window fashion partitions. Window partitions are to be had in styles, cathedral, and French. Cathedral window partitions have an arched pinnacle, while the French window partitions characteristic rectangular panes. White sidewalls are utilized in conditions wherein you don’t want human beings to look in or out of the tent, or in conditions wherein you want the tent to be darkened for a video presentation. We normally use white sidewalls to surround a catering prep tent (area of kitchen), or a restroom trailer tent, for privacy. Clear facet partitions are likely the maximum famous choice, as they permit human beings to look into and out of the tent, and make the tent experience greater open, and brighter. Window sidewalls are normally used for his or her ornamental effect.

Conclusion: From the easy adjustment of the tents to the functions and additives of the tent, it is deduced that  SEC is a great desire for different tents’ restore service. Our information extends to all kinds and models, permitting us to provide our customers “one forestall shop” for our clients.

SEC tents is a manufacturing enterprise focusing on the R&D, production, and sales of PVC tents, frame tents, dome tents, square pagoda tents, multi-sided and high peak tents & their combinations, wedding tents, sports tents, and customize tents. 

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